Who We Are

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The PAA is a group of progressives in the southeast Texas area who work together on issues of common interest, although we want to work with individuals and groups in other areas, too.

We are Democrats, Greens, and independents. We welcome all who want to work for peaceful, progressive change, regardless of party affiliation or lack thereof. Many of us are also active in our political parties, but the PAA is issue-oriented, and we don't mind supporting or criticizing candidates and office holders of any political party when they deserve it.
Our goals are summarized in the PAA Issues listing below.

Why the three words in our organization name?

  • The term "Progressive" goes beyond the traditional "liberal" concept of promoting social justice, by also including economic justice issues. For example, we believe that working for non-discrimination in employment is not enough, if our jobs are being exported to other countries that do not enforce standards in working conditions or the environment. Working for the right to choose your own health care provider won't help if health care is only available to those eligible for (and who can afford) good medical insurance or if your insurance company won't cover your particular medical condition.
  • We like the term "Action" because we believe in doing more than thinking, talking, complaining, and forwarding e-mails. We believe in constructive, non-violent action to promote social change.
  • We're an "Alliance" because we know we can accomplish more by working with those in other groups. We're involved with other organizations that support one or more progressive issues. We want to connect such organizations together by networking and promoting each other's activities and issues, so we can be a more effective political force. We want to reverse the "divided and conquered" mode that we're in.

Get Involved!

Several action groups / committees exist to promote issues we care about. Information about joining our mailing lists and upcoming events for each area of interest are below.  

PAA Issues and Resolutions