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Submitted by Sarah Gonzales on November 15, 2005 - 2:39pm. ::
Where Do The Children Play?


Political Humor

Haiku For A Shrub
  • No brain, More Cocaine
    Bush in the White House again
    Gore votes were in vain

  • Al got more votes, sure...
    But that didn't matter much.
    Bush won by cheating!
  • I am President
    Daddy put me in White House
    Pretty white White House
  • If all you have is
    ignorance and confidence,
    then success is sure
  • Katherine Harris
    Wallowing in make-up while
    Democracy dies.
  • Lost jobs, soldiers die.
    Stay on course with losing horse?
    Reagan he is not!
  • Deficits blossom,
    a tree of debtors' flowers
    with no future seeds.
  • He who tortures my
    enemies is not my friend.
    Torture is the foe