Tell Washington: "Bring the Troops Home"

Submitted by Bill Crosier on February 12, 2007 - 12:12am. :: | | |

This is a call to action. Please help increase the pressure on our government. Give more people a chance to speak out. Take blank, stamped post cards, clipboards, pens, and officials’ address lists everywhere you go. Ask people “Are you tired of the Iraq war?” and if they are, offer them a chance to write a message right on the spot. Offer to drop the message in the mailbox for them. Also encourage telephone calls to the representatives and offer those you talk to a written list of addresses and phone numbers to all who show interest. A deluge of postcards, phone calls, and faxes pleading to bring the troops home is one more way to reinforce vestiges of morality and compassion in the power holders. (If you are reading this on the PAA home page, please click on the title above for sources of postcards, an address list, and more.) Blank, stamped postcards are available at post offices for 26 cent each. These postcards can be purchased online and delivered to your mail box through To help cover the purchase of the postcards you might tell those who write a card what the card cost you and most will probably reach for some change to help you out. Below is a link to a listing of Houston area representatives’ addresses and phone numbers. Print out as many copies as you think you may need. It is two pages long; printing back and front will help conserve paper. Messages to the power holders need not be elaborate. Tell folks to speak from their heart about the injustices and the needless loss of life. The post cards are most effective if handwritten. Remind folks to write as clearly as possible and include their names and return addresses. To get larger numbers, go to the crowds such as those waiting for performances to begin in the evenings at Miller Theater. At the July 4th festival in downtown Houston, we (Bill Crosier, Cheryl Crosier, and Don Cook) approached people with these cards and were able to get about 40 cards in several hours. This was also a fantastic time to actually listen to people with a different take. For example, Cheryl had a very civilized conversation with a man who said he was returning to Iraq as an Air Force pilot within a few days. Cheryl learned from him and he learned about the lack of support for this war. Any meetings you attend are also a great place for this action. It will only take a few minutes to announce the action and most people are happy to get the chance to express themselves. This action will help support the hunger strikes begun on July 4th by Code Pink and Gold Star Families for Peace. See .

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