Letter to Attendees of Sep. 4, 2006 Impeachment Forum

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Thanks to all of you who attended our Impeachment Town Hall meeting in Houston on Labor Day. I know you could have been doing lots of other things on Monday. I was excited to see so many people come out on a holiday for this event!

Thanks especially to all the volunteers who helped with planning, publicity, sign-making, refreshments, music, PA/sound, audio & video recording, set-up, clean-up, logistics, and more for this event. It was good to see different organizations with tables and literature there, too. We had a number of people who helped with this event who could not even attend because of other plans. Now that's commitment!

I also want to thank the folks at the Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church, who were so helpful in making this event a success.

I'm glad so many of you expressed interest in follow-up and building the movement for impeaching Bush and Cheney, and removing them from office.

We're not adding you to any e-mail lists without your permission. However, I encourage those of you who are not already on some of our e-mail lists to join, if you'd like to share your ideas and keep up with planning, online discussion, and/or announcements for other events and activities. Details are below.

If you missed part of the event on Monday, or if you have friends who may be interested:

* Wally James will have Ann Wright's speech on during the first part of his program, The Progressive Forum, this evening, Sep. 7, 7-9 PM, on KPFT 90.1 FM. If you are not in listening range, you can listen on the web at http://kpft.org You can also listen to it at any time after the end of the show (for the next 2 months), in the archives at http://archive.kpft.org -- Look for Progressive Forum, Sep. 7.

*Art Browning recorded the video and audio of most of the Town Hall Meeting, including Ann Wright's presentation, for the Greenwatch TV program. This program is on Wednesday evenings on Houston Community Access cable TV (channel 17 in most areas). The Impeachment event won't be on that program this week, but watch for announcements of when it (and what parts) will be shown.

KPFT also had portions of Ann Wright's speech on their morning and afternoon newcasts this week. In addition, a reporter from news radio station KTRH interviewed both me and Ann Wright (for quite some time), although I don't know if any of that aired or when (I couldn't find any reference on their web site). Someone from the People's Weekly World was there and wrote an article which I saw. I also saw at least a couple people who I think were print journalists but I didn't get a chance to talk with them.

If you have photos from the event, please let me know and I'll tell you where to send them so we can post them in our PAA gallery. (Don't e-mail them directly to me.) If you'd like to share stories about the event or ideas for working towards impeachment, please join the PAA-Impeach e-mail list and share them with others.

You can also post stories and photos on the Houston Indymedia web site, and I encourage you to do so: Click on the "Publish your News" link in the upper right column at http://houston.indymedia.org/

A few items were left behind at the Impeachment forum. If you are missing something, or ended up with something that isn't yours, let me know and I'll try to match these up.

As I promised during the last session of the event Monday, here are some sources of additional information related to impeachment:

Impeachment Resource and Links: http://www.paa-tx.org/impeach_resources_links

The resources and links include:

Talking With Your Friends About Impeachment: http://www.paa-tx.org/impeach_workshop_060904

Sample Dialog on Impeachment: http://www.paa-tx.org/impeach_dialog

(The above two items were from the workshop at the end of our Sep. 4 Impeachment forum.)

Impeach action ideas/how to get involved: http://www.paa-tx.org/node/2346
This will be a growing list, that we started at the end of the Impeachment forum. Send your suggestions to Lee Taylor at c.lee.

Impeachment Links on the web: http://www.paa-tx.org/impeach_links
(I know there are lots of others, but these seem especially good. Let me know if you'd like me to add more to that page.)

You can get to all the above, plus whatever else we add, from our main PAA Impeach page:

If you don't save this e-mail, remember that you can also find all these links by clicking on "Impeach Resources and Links" in the left column of the PAA home page at http://progressiveactionalliance.org

In addition, there is a never-ending list of events posted on the various online calendars. Links to some of the most popular ones for activists in the Houston/southeast Texas area are listed in the upper right column of the PAA home page. I consider almost all of these events and meetings to be good places to talk with people about impeachment, to share ideas, and to help find others who are likely to be interested in helping with this movement. However, I can't attend every meeting or event myself, and I urge you to go to events and meetings, too, and talk with folks about impeachment whenever you can.

To stay connected and to be able to share your ideas with others interested in impeachment, especially with others in the Houston and southeast Texas area, I urge you to join the PAA Impeach e-mail list.

We also encouage everyone, at a minimum, to join the PAA announcements list for important information (mostly summaries of upcoming events, not just about impeachment). We sometimes send important announcements only to that list, and we limit the number of messages there to an average of about one per week.

For a summary of these lists or to subscribe, go to:

PAA Impeach list (low to moderate volume): http://paa-tx.org/mailman/listinfo/impeach_paa-tx.org

PAA Annoucements list (low volume, announce-only): http://paa-tx.org/mailman/listinfo/announce_paa-tx.org

PAA General Discussion list (high volume, averaging 10-20 msgs/day): http://paa-tx.org/mailman/listinfo/discuss_paa-tx.org

Subscribing to any and all of the PAA e-mail lists are free, and we do not have any paid advertisements of any kind. All expenses are paid by donations and by extra funds we raise at events like the Impeachment forum.

Thanks again, everyone!
Bill Crosier
Progressive Action Alliance co-chair