[PAA-MilRecruit] Fwd: San Francisco and military recruiting in schools!!

Submitted by PAAMember on November 13, 2005 - 1:00am. ::

Check this out! Personally, I think the word "ban" is a bit too strong to describe the action in San Francisco, but most of the more liberal publications are using that word. In actuality, if I understand correctly, this is a way for the city to go on record that they * oppose military recruiting in schools * and ... want to fund alternatives to military service, such as education /training. We need to be thinking of writing a resolution like this to present at the primary in February and get it on record in the Democratic party platform! San Francisco Voters ban Military Recruiters in Schools By a strong 60-40 margin San Francisco voters approved Proposition I, which bans military recruiters from public schools. The measure also asks the city government to consider funding scholarships for education and training that could provide an alternative to military service (but doesn't mandate any such funding).

Text of the resolution is here in PDF http://www.sfgov.org/site/uploadedfiles/election/Guides/PropI_Legal%20Text.pdf


Notice is hereby given by the persons whose names appear heron of their intention to circulate the petition with the City and County of San Francisco for the purpose of putting before the people of San Francisco for the November 8, 2005 election a declaration of policy stating that: the people of San Francisco oppose U.S. military recruiters using public school, college and university facilities to recruit young people into the armed forces. Furthermore, San Francisco should oppose the military