National (Congressional) Candidate Questionnaire

Submitted by Bill Crosier on February 12, 2006 - 2:32pm. ::

1. Would you support requiring all electronic voting machines to print on paper for each voter a summary of their voting choices, which will become, after their inspection, the authoritative record of their vote?

2. Would you support a repeal of the PATRIOT ACT?

3. Would you support cutting off all funding for all military operations and the American military occupation of Iraq other than what is necessary to implement withdrawal as soon as possible?

4. Would you support the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney?

5. Would you support reversing the tax cuts for the wealthy and apply the money toward social programs and the deficit?

6. Would you support single payer universal healthcare?

7. Would you support enactment of legislation providing for public financing of general election campaigns for elective office at the local, state and federal levels?

8. Would you be in favor of reinstating the Fairness Doctrine in broadcasting?

9. Would you support the repeal of No Child Left Behind and the banning of military recruiters on school campuses?

10. Would you support a windfall profit tax on oil and gas companies and the use of those funds for the development of sustainable, renewable sources of energy?

11. Would you support a constitutional amendment to abolish the Electoral College?

12. To make our country safer, would you support the establishment of a Cabinet level Department of Peace to coordinate and promote non-violent conflict resolution in order to reduce violence both inside the U.S. and with other countries?

13. Would you support a resolution repudiating the policy of preemptive war?

14. Would you support a ban on the death penalty?

15. Do you support a woman’s right to choose including restoring federal funding for all family planning including abortions?

16. Because U.S. corporations have the rights, but not the responsibilities of persons, would you support legislation that would deny corporations the rights of personhood? If not, explain.

17. Do you believe affirmative action should be preserved and continued? If not, explain.

18. What legislation would you propose that safeguards clean air and clean water, regulations designed to reduce the threat of oil spills in our waterways and harmful pollution in our ozone layer?

19. What would you do to change the current predatory practices of banks and credit card companies?

Compiled by members of the Progressive Action Alliance, Democracy for America, and the Progressive Populist Caucus

revised Feb. 4, 2006